JANUARY 23, 2021 // 2020 REVIEW & 2021 ALMANAC


total shows played: 0 (+2 livestreams)

total garbageface shows to date: 335

things released / done: DEFENESTRATION (released in March), and DYMAXION (being pressed)

coffee cups drank: ~600 (holding pattern)

cars exploded: 0 (holding strong, still)


when i wrote my 2020 almanac, i started it saying that 2019 was a motherfucker. hilarious. it was a motherfucker mostly because i kept up a busy pace of releases and activity, but also because almost all of my shit got stolen just before the end of the year. i started 2020 with the intention to not only rebuild after that, but to seriously get back into touring... LOL. so much for that.

i spent the first part of the year rebuilding (and rebuying gear for) my live setup, and used some of it to make the DEFENESTRATION beat and drone tape. right around the time that was done, i also finished off the vocals for DYMAXION, a full-length collaboration with thee homie Wolfagram. we took our time mixing it, it got mastered, and it's been done since October or so. though it didn't come out last year as i had hoped it would, it is well into the pressing process.

apart from those two projects, i spent a fair bit of time in the cave, rehearsing, getting used to my new live setup, writing — oh, and i rebuilt my website from the ground up (yr looking at it). i can't lie: playing live is still a real source of energy for me, and not being able to play this year has really worn me down. i struggled a lot with feelings of aimlessness and pointlessness and i'm still there in a lot of ways. but, dwelling on those feelings is even more pointless. the cycle repeats.

this year, DYMAXION will be released as a 12" LP sometime in the next couple of months, and it'll be limited to 100 copies. Wolfagram's beats are stellar, and i spent a long time crafting the lyrics to this one, so people who like to dissect lyrics and beat construction will be busy for a while. apart from that, i have another full album of music that i'm still writing lyrics for, and i should be releasing another collaboration with COLD EYE in the next few weeks.

2020 was definitely more of a motherfucker than i bargained for — and it probably was for you too. i don't really know of anyone who escaped from the year unscathed, who somehow managed to surf the wave without getting a few mouthfuls of salt water for good measure. indeed, i know a lot of us were banking on the arbitrary turn of the year to help reset everything, but... i think we've all been reminded by this point in the year that that's not really how time works.

and i guess that's what i'm realizing a few weeks in now — not realizing, remembering: that's not how anything works. chaos reigns, and we are foolish to wait for things to change in the particular way we want them to just by chance. we must intervene, we must help each other out, we must push each other forward, further and further down the timeline, in thee direction we want. chaos reigns, but very little happens by chance. this is like that proverb about knowing what you can change, and what you can't. sort of.

see you out there (maybe?),