JANUARY 31, 2022 // 2021 REVIEW & 2022 ALMANAC


total shows played: 5

total garbageface shows to date: 340

things released / done: Behind Every Gate, A Serpent EP (w/ Cold Eye); DYMAXION LP (w/ Wolfagram); video for Expo '86 from DYMAXION; A TONNE OF FEATHERS // A TONNE OF BRICKS residency & sound installation & marathon performance

other things: completed PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA (currently being pressed); completed music for a theatre production related to the Epic of Gilgamesh; began producing beats for a new record by Jeremiah IX; began producing beats for a record by Danny Taro; did a few remixes and such


whenever i write these, i always start by feeling like i didn't do much in the past year, and that feeling quickly dissipates once i start listing it all out. this year felt particularly weird and dissassociative because of the whole ongoing everything of the world and the general lack of shows happening, but i felt pretty fucking engaged in music throughout the year — and i was, apparently. shit.

i usually write these almanac thingies at the beginning of january, but it's now the end of january and i'm glad i waited, because my musical plans for the year have already started to unfurl in front of me.

P//A will hopefully arrive around the Spring Equinox, if the gods of vinyl production smile down upon me. i'm planning a short-ish digital release of something before that. wolfagram and i have been lowkey talking about a new record, which is very exciting. i've been writing A LOT more than usual... i've written about 20 verses since january 1st, and it's all still flowing. it's the most i've written in such a short time in as long as i can remember, and i'm looking forward to applying this stuff to wolf's beats. in the latter half of the year, i'll be trying to put together the long-set aside Unreliable Narrator LP. apart from those things, i'll be continuing to work on beats for Jeremiah IX's next album, and i have a couple of live soundtracks for theatre productions happening locally. so... shit, busy year.

this past month, i've been running a "membership drive" for SKELT KREW, and it's far exceeded my expectations, more than doubling the members i had at the beginning of the month. if you subscribe, not only are you going to be getting a bunch of sweet merch throughout the year, you'll get lots of music, and newsletters every full moon until i die. thank you for continually putting gas in the tank of this diesel powered four-wheeler, driving headfirst, always headfirst towards an existential cliff.

on a non-musical note, i've been extracting myself from various multinational conglomerates and companies that i just cannot contiunue to be cozy with anymore. it feels much better than feeding the feeds. this is just the beginning of this experiment... more to come soon.

see you out there (maybe?),