JANUARY 31, 2023 // 2022 REVIEW & 2023 ALMANAC


total shows played: 10

total garbageface shows to date: 350

things released / done: PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA (vinyl released and sold out); PENUMBRA full length video; Metamorphosisyphus by JEREMIAH IX, raps by JERM, all beats by garbageface; Original Score for Enkidu; Singularity, Inc. collaborative performance with Bad Mayor

other things: in addition to the above, i wrote and recorded the bulk of a new garbageface record, entitled ENANTIODROMIA. i also got heavily into hardware in 2022, experimented a lot, and began sketching the outlines for what is going to be a new project under the name GNOSTIC FRONT. i'm still not sure what the project will become, but it will be a sort of extension of the garbageface cinematic universe, if you please. whatever it becomes, this alternate path has become incredibly rewarding.


once again, i'm looking at the list of what happened last year with this weird and deep and demanding part of my life that i call garbageface, and i'm kind of surprised. it doesn't feel like i did very much at all, but as i look at it, i'm surprised and thankful that i was able to do what i did. weirdly, i'm especially proud of the stuff that was part of my extended body of work: doing the beats and production for the MetamorphoSisyphus record with JEREMIAH IX was a really intense process, and doing the musical score for Enkidu took me way out of my comfort zone. both felt great. diving into the world of analog synthesis was mind-bending too, a totally different way of working that has opened me up in some new and very good ways.

i played a couple of handfuls of shows in 2022, and got COVID from one of them. that was a fucking bummer. but, i also realized that there are some risks i need to be willing to take to keep this project going, and i must keep this project going. i don't know how to let it go, and i don't want to.

i plan to release a new record this year, called ENANTIODROMIA. it's a 6-track record that clocks in around 38mins and it contains more live instruments and live playing than anything i've done to date. my analog electronic side project, GNOSTIC FRONT, is being developed in earnest, and i'm planning to play a debut show soon. i'm not ready, but that feels very much in the spirit of this thing.

finally, i'm going to be getting back into touring. it's hard to believe, but it's been 5 years since my last long-ish tour... i know, i know, 3 of those years were pandemic times, something that i still need to consider as i get ready to book dates. the bottom line, though, is that it's been way too long since i've been out there, and i don't plan to let that much time pass again.

i hope that yr well and good wherever you are, and that the people you love are well taken-care of.

see you out there (for real),