MAY 26, 2021 // DYMAXION

DYMAXION has been out for a month now, and i meant to write an update about it the day it released. selling it, packing orders, and communicating with people listening to it has been full on since the release.

i was kindly profiled in Peterborough Currents. connecting with people locally has always meant a lot to me, and i think that’s why i love playing smaller towns like the one i’m from: the scale of the scene feels humane. i was on my homie Malcolm’s podcast, What Is This Music?!, where i said a lot of things, including mounting some honourable defences of nü-metal, “mumble” rap, and new country. i actually don’t talk about the new record on this one! i got a small shout out on CVLT Nation, which was surprising and dope. i put out a video for Expo ‘86. and, after a bunch of hustling, there are only 5 hard copies of the record left. I’ll have some further thoughts on this whole process soon.


working with Wolfagram on this project was a goddamn pleasure, and i'm still stunned when i hear the beats that were created to represent this record's landscape. i think what we've woven together is a story worth hearing, and i hope you get into it.

i hope yr holding up okay and keeping the faith in whatever you keep faith in, even if yr wrong.