RWEI-013 // Released August 13, 2019

to celebrate the tenth year of garbageface, EIGHTEEN TRUMPETS brings together producers from far and wide to remix and reinterpret a range of material from thee prophet of doom rap. the result is a sideways trip through alternate dimensional timelines, where garbageface fronts a hardcore band, doubles down on industrial sounds, and goes indie rock, among other possibilities. all proceeds from this release will go to Peterborough Food Not Bombs, who help to feed people in the Peterborough area, and who contribute resources and time to a variety of social justice movements within our community.

liner notes

all remixes by their respective artists.
original music by garbageface and various collaborators.
photo by liam kennedy-slaney.
thank you to everyone who has made the last ten years worthwhile.
there are too many of you to list.

digital / physical

EIGHTEEN TRUMPETS is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $3.33.


coming soon.

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