APRIL 28, 2023 // SPRING TOUR 2023 w/ PLURAL

oh it's on. oh it's on motherfucker yeah it's on.

it's been a while since i've beaten this path with wheels and feet and words and beats and i'm really looking forward to it. i'll be joined by the homies PLURAL, who i used to play with regularly out in the eastern reaches back in the day. they are a most excellent math rock / loop duo that does some magical things with polyrhythms, and i'm all about that shit. they'll be accompanying me back to Quebec and Ontario, where they have never played before. i'm stoked to show them around a bit and help with their toe dipping.

in other news, mixes for ENANTIODROMIA are being finalized as i write this. it's a heavy record and i love it right now (plenty of time to change my mind). more on that soonish.

see you in the pits,