RWEI-008 // Released April 11, 2017

APOSTASY is an album about the occult, personal magickal practice, Eastern European folklore, sexual liberation, rejection of christian morality, and… werewolves. produced by Yung Gutted, the album veers between hard slapping bangers and off-kilter atmospherics, with lyrics that dig deep into the garbage psyche to pull out important flashes of truth among intentional and unintentional misdirects.

liner notes

all tracks produced by yung gutted, except “locked in from outside,” produced by yung gutted & dj lucas and “lycanthropy,” produced by garbageface. "lycanthropy" includes selected elements of the tracks on side a, produced by yung gutted.

all vocals and lyrics by garbageface, except "lycanthropy," vocals and lyrics by garbageface and matt.

mastered for analog and digital by harris newman at grey market mastering. cover art and insert lovingly rendered by thee mark rand / bandage a/v.

digital / physical

APOSTASY is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $6.66.

APOSTASY is also available as a 180g 12" LP on black vinyl. The first 66 copies included a letterpress print from O, Underworld! (now sold out). There are a couple dozen copies remaining. Vinyl is $18.18 per piece and includes a digital download.


coming soon.

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