RWEI-016 // Released April 26, 2021

DYMAXION is an album about the future, seen through the eyes of a forever glitching past. The story starts when The Bomb drops and continues until The Towers fall. In between those two cataclysms, we watch as promises of progress pile up and pile up like newspaper headlines proclaiming victory over evil. DYMAXION sees garbageface join forces with Toronto's Wolfagram for a full-length collaboration, with the Wolf's alternate universe boom bap providing the perfect netting to cradle the face's paranoia-soaked pontifications and dot-connections.

liner notes

all lyrics and vocals by garbageface
all songs produced and mixed by wolfagram
mastered by chemo at KMJ45 Studios, UK
artwork designed by laura thompson

digital / physical

DYMAXION is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $6.66.

DYMAXION was also available as a 180g 12" LP on black vinyl. It was limited to 111 copies and is now sold out.


coming soon.

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