RWEI-006 // Released June 6, 2014
erroneously listed on J-card as RWEI-003

OBDURACY is the first mixtape by garbageface, and represents their first foray into using samples of other people’s music. it was gestated and birthed from september 2013 to february 2014. featuring inspiration from magrudergrind, smashing pumpkins, nine inch nails, marc maron, why?, death grips, hall & oates, jay z, god lives underwater, werner herzog, alain goraguer, and alfred hitchcock.

liner notes

all beats / music produced by garbageface.
all lyrics and vocals by garbageface.
mastered by James Plotkin at PlotkinWorks.

digital / physical

OBDURACY is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $6.66.

OBDURACY was also available as a cassette in a limited run of 100 copies with a sticker pack inspired by the film Psycho, now sold out.


coming soon.

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