RWEI-010 // Released June 6, 2018
erroneously listed on book jacket as RWEI-007

written and produced and recorded in a month, then refined over a couple more, PELAGIC is an album/mixtape/whatever has some of my most straightforward – and weird – stuff on it. bangers and mash. loosely, it’s an album about treading water, being adrift, and finding footing in ether.

liner notes

all lyrics by garbageface.
all music by garbageface except: synths on tracks 1, 7, 8 by wes grist aka Olias; all production on track 4 by Wolfagram; all music on track 6 by Jon Epworth.
garbageface vocals recorded at the peterborough werewolf sanctuary.
extra vocals on tracks 2, 5, 8 by planet wes, people you meet outside of bars, and the Horseman, Pass By Choir.
mixed and mastered by garbageface, except track 4, mixed and mastered by Wolfagram.

digital / physical

PELAGIC is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $3.33.

PELAGIC was also available as a limited run 40-page book of photography by garbageface, now sold out.


coming soon.

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