RWEI-018 // Released July 13, 2022

PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA is an album that spirals inwards, a deeply self-referential trip into the frame of a single photograph. The album unfolds over an A-side made of 10 tight movements, and a B-side that stretches time and finds gold in the granularity.

liner notes

this album was written, performed, and recorded by garbageface in peterborough, ontario, from spring of 2020 to the summer of 2021. it was mixed and mastered by jon epworth in victoria, british columbia in september of 2021.

this album features contributions from the following friends and strangers: jon epworth provided a very crucial sample of a chainsaw cutting down a tree; tyler martin performed and recorded guitars for umbra and atmospheric tension throughout antumbra at sabretooth sound; michelle lovegrove-thomson performed and recorded clarinet parts which were effected, stretched, and added in a variety of places. dan poole contributed various guitar noises and bits of radio interference which were sprinkled throughout both sides; mark kreuger made a field recording of the golden gate bridge and allowed it to be used judiciously.

paolo fortin furnished garbageface with a national organ, which appears on antumbra. niles thrompton and cutter’s corner furnished garbageface with a telecaster-type guitar which he played on flaws, notation, and gradience.

this album contains two voice samples — graffiti artist jim joe, and occult author colin wilson (rip) — both of whom have been influential on the substance of this work.

this record was partially funded by the electric city culture council through the arts week shift 2 program. garbageface is also supported by skelt krew, and listeners like you.

this record is for mike von gunten. wish you were still here. we miss you.

digital / physical

PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $6.66.

PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA was also available as a 180g 12" LP on translucent vinyl with dirty gold splatter. It was limited to 111 copies and is now sold out.


coming soon.

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