RWEI-012 // Released June 26, 2019

PLAGUE MECHANIC, a deep collaboration with Peterborough’s Dastard Hand, is a time capsule from the past, discovered in the present; an alternative timeline for a string of events that would have been better left unexplored.

liner notes

a time capsule from the past, found in the future.
when we get there, we will need much more than plague doctors; we'll need plague therapists, plague teachers, plague tailors, plague mechanics.

all lyrics by garbageface,
all music, and feature verse on figure eight by dastard hand.
additional vocals on Old Blue Eyes and
additional bass synth on Holden Caulfield by jon epworth.
mixed and mastered by jon epworth.
artwork by patrick holland AKA dastard hand.

digital / physical

PLAGUE MECHANIC is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $3.33.

PLAGUE MECHANIC was also available as limited run 506-piece puzzle with a digital download, now sold out.


coming soon.

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