7HR33 51X M1X74P3

RWEI-009 // Released August 13, 2017
intentionally listed on J-card as RWEI-0.36

in 2017, i turned 36 years old, and to celebrate, i released the 7HR33 51X M1X74P3 in an extremely limited edition of physical copies. it’s an odd collection of tunes, pieced together as both a mind-dump and a thank you. it contains 6 new tracks, a long track in 6 parts, and 6 remixes. get it? if you got yr hands on a physical copy, you got the full version, and if you didn't, there’s an abridged version available to stream on the various streaming services out there.

liner notes

a special birthday gift from me to you.
SIDE A: six rough and tumble unheard recordings
SIDE B: a hostile ambient takeover of poland in six part
SIDE C: s sextet of remixed songs just for kicks

all production by garbageface,
except "stomach" produced by thee Dastard Hand.
all vocals by garbageface,
except gang vocals on "nobody asked you" & "tattoos", by The Tenenbaums + Rebecca W-S.

"record body count" is originally by The Rheostatics
"7HR33 51X 51D3 B 5U173" is a six-part mix that contains about 20 different field recordings, taken across Poland in june, 2017.

digital / physical

7HR33 51X M1X74P3 is available as a 320kbps MP3 download, for $3.33.

7HR33 51X M1X74P3 was also available as a limited run of 36 cassettes, not sold, but given out as party favours at garbageface's 36th birthday show.


coming soon.

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